The San Francisco Conservation Corps partners with volunteers, public agencies and other non-profits to achieve our goals of resource conservation, improved environmental sustainability and advocacy.


Current programs to achieve these goals include:

CalRecycle/ Local Conservation Corps Grant Program

A funded community outreach and education project with SFCC. The purpose of the grant is to implement beverage container recycling and litter abatement programs, recycling activities related to the collection and recovery of used oil and electronic waste and the clean-up and abatement of waste tires. SFCC will undertake a variety of activities to inform San Francisco residents about oil, tire and E-waste recycling by developing partnerships and collaborations with local and private recycling resources, distributing doorhangers with contact information and implementing special events to share information.


Energy Upgrade California

A State initiative to educate residents and small businesses about managing their energy use. The initiative helps Californians take action – now – to save energy, conserve natural resources, reduce demand on the electric grid, use clean energy options, and make informed energy management choices at home and at work. Energy Upgrade California is your source for information, tools and programs that YOU can take today to efficiently manage energy, save money and make your homes more comfortable.


John King Community Garden Natural Resources

A project funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Wells Fargo to implement a community-based public park enhancement and create a partnership between the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (SFRPD) and the San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC). The project will be a visible and accessible demonstration project that showcases innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly approaches to urban gardening. Project partners will hire landscaping trainees and a supervisor from the San Francisco Conservation Corps to build planter boxes and install in this garden.