City Digital Equity Workshop


On Wednesday, September 19th, SFCC corpmembers (CMS) and staff  attended a Digital Equity Workshop hosted by the San Francisco Office of Digital Equity as part of a citywide effort to develop a strategic plan to close the digital divide. The city wide effort aims to ensure all residents have the tools and ability to particpate in digital society and has dedicated resources to helping residents overcome digital barriers and to improving community standards of living. CMS and staff broke out into three groups and began to discuss what the City should do to meet their technology needs.

Four large posters boards quickly increased with powerful insight as facilitators took notes and CMS excitedly shared their experiences with WiFi service, surfing the internet, mobile use and technological education. Facilitators informed us that nearly 100,000 residents lack Internet access at home, which CMS, confirmed as they shared stories of going to the public library or local shops to access the Internet. Corpsmembers really enjoyed sharing their perspective and are grateful to have been invited to the table to have the discussion and their voices heard by the City of San Francisco!