Intersession Workshops: Real Talk, Emergency Preparedness, and Healthy Eating

During the John Muir Charter School trimester break, SFCC hosts a 2-week intersession workshop so our Corpsmembers can continue learning and gain new skills. This month, our topics included Real Talk group discussions, Emergency Preparedness, and Food Security/Healthy Eating. Our cooking class was a big hit, and Corpsmembers made healthy meals such as overnight oats, omelettes, and roasted vegetable salad. They also learned about eating well on a budget and the importance of nutrition. Thank you to our partners, who facilitated these workshops and engaged our Corpsmembers in activities that inspired them!

Our partners: Kitava Kitchen and Community Youth Center. 

Group A - Food  Cooking Day 4 - Speakers_ (2).jpg
Zaire Cooking - Week#2 Day 1 Food  Cooking.jpg
MiguelZaragoza - Week#2 Day 1 - Food  Cooking_.jpg
Group A - Food  Cooking Day 4 Organic Vegs (James M. and Deja J.)2.jpg
Food  Cooking with Ikava Day 4 - Presentation on Vegs 2_.jpg