City College of San Francisco Campus Tour

This year, SFCC was able to host two events for our City College of San Francisco Week. City College Outreach Coordinator, Dion Libutti visited SFCC on Tuesday, February 20th to present to the Corpsmembers and academy students and speak about SF City College, the application process, new and upcoming programs, and completing the financial aid application. Dion mentioned in particular a new program which falls under the Forestry and Natural Resources Career Pathway which is the environmental horticulture program that Corpsmembers may be interested in. See link for additional information

Additionally, on Friday February 23, 2018, Tom Holcomb Jr, SFCC Director of Community and Career Development, took 14 Corpsmembers on a SF City College Campus tour that was facilitated by Dion Libutti. During the tour, Corpsmembers were exposed to the various program offerings at SF City College, saw many cultural arts sculptures, and were able to interact with the media center representative where we learned about the collaborative project that SF City College was undergoing with the new technology and engaging approaches to learning called the collaboratory. Due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to tour the inside of the horticulture greenhouse, but we were able to take a stroll on the outside where you could see the green space and the green roofs. Thank you City College for having us!

SF City College Tour - Group photo.jpg
SF City College Tour - Group Photo2.jpg
SF City College Tour - Media Center (Discussion).jpg
SF City College Tour - Israel Benavides  Anirell Johson.jpg
Israel Benavides - Olmec Statue.jpg
SF City College Tour - Horticulture GreenHouse2.jpg