Intercession Workshop Series: Arts and Drama Academy

During our intercession this year, SFCC wanted to provide an avenue of creative relief and creative expression for our corpsmembers and did so with the introduction of our Arts & Drama Academy! Understanding that individuals gravitate towards different modes of creativity, we offered several areas of creativity during the first week, including: 1) Claywork: Getting your Hands Dirty, 2) Painting: In touch with your creative side, 3) Improv/Acting: Drama 101 and Spoken Word: The Power of Language.

In week 2 we held a series of workshops where corpsmembers joined in a Movement in Motion workshop with our Directory of Career and Community Development, Tom Holcomb. Here we encouraged a reconnection with the body, mind and soul to release expressive energy. Additionally we held a workshop on Making Videos where corpsmembers got into groups, went off in various locations with props and filmed a video on their experience with the San Francisco Conservation Corps.

To conclude our Intercession Workshop Series we hosted a talent show where corpsmembers participated by sharing their art work, doing stand up comedy, rapping, doing spoken word and many others!