Ribbon and Cutting Dedication Event at Candlestick Point State Park


SFCC Corpmembers worked at Candlestick Point State Park during the month of September on a series of urban green activities including habitat restoration & stewardship, consisting of: site preparation, installation of locally adapted native plants; and the emplacement of mulches and erosion mitigation features! And on Thursday, September 20th, SFCC corpmembers and staff  attended the Ribbon and Cutting Dedication ceremony! It was an amazing celebration. The community can now enjoy access to six campsites, trail enhancements, and native plantings.

Thank you Literacy Environmental Justice for our continued partnership in establishing and preserving clean, green, healing spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area! SFCC staff and corpsmembers are grateful to have worked on this project and contributed to the restoration of Candlestick Point Park. The ceremony was both informative and incredibly healing as we took time to appreciate the need for the preservation of natural spaces and the power of community. A heart felt thank you and from the San Francisco Conservation Corps!

City Digital Equity Workshop


On Wednesday, September 19th, SFCC corpmembers (CMS) and staff  attended a Digital Equity Workshop hosted by the San Francisco Office of Digital Equity as part of a citywide effort to develop a strategic plan to close the digital divide. The city wide effort aims to ensure all residents have the tools and ability to particpate in digital society and has dedicated resources to helping residents overcome digital barriers and to improving community standards of living. CMS and staff broke out into three groups and began to discuss what the City should do to meet their technology needs.

Four large posters boards quickly increased with powerful insight as facilitators took notes and CMS excitedly shared their experiences with WiFi service, surfing the internet, mobile use and technological education. Facilitators informed us that nearly 100,000 residents lack Internet access at home, which CMS, confirmed as they shared stories of going to the public library or local shops to access the Internet. Corpsmembers really enjoyed sharing their perspective and are grateful to have been invited to the table to have the discussion and their voices heard by the City of San Francisco!

SFCC Labor Day Celebration: OneTreasure Island Program

SFCC celebrated Labor Day with our corpmembers completing the 6 week intensive OneTreasure Island Program and receiving job offers! We’d like to congratulate Eric, Donja, Alfredo and Damien for the employment opportunities they secured and celebrate their focus, persistence and hard work!



SFCC also celebrated corpsmember, Huil, who successfully completed the Chase Arena Training Program and got offered a job on the spot! Mayor London Breed and Clark Construction announced that his job would begin on Tuesday. It’s safe to say that this is a Labor Day that SFCC and corpsmembers will never forget!


Update: Paul Revere Elementary School Living Schoolyard!

Throughout the months of July and August, Corpsmembers (CMS), staff and members from our partner organization, JW+A Associates worked together to install our green economy project rainwater catchment system at Paul Revere Elementary School!

Through providing "Green Pathways Forward" for young adults, we combine multiple benefits and create sustainable and needed career pathways in urban and Bay ecological restoration and green infrastructure installation and maintenance. CMS are grateful to have gained exposure to green infrastructure, design, science, engineering, and horticulture while acquiring experience in essential trades to develop skills to create a thriving ecologically regenerative City. Thank you to JW+A for this incredible collaboration and green opportunity! 

 "We create gardens where people engage with nature and each other."   - Jeni Webber Landscape Architect 

"We create gardens where people engage with nature and each other." 

- Jeni Webber Landscape Architect 

Sunnydale Clean Up Campaign

On Thursday, August 16th, SFCC Corpsmembers and Staff attended the Sunnydale Clean-Up Campaign Event. We spent the day together with the community and our partners: Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco, Mercy Housing, Green Streets and The YMCA, with great food, fun entertainment and a backpack giveaway! Community members dropped off items to be recycled which included computers, monitors, televisions, printers, and other electronic equipment. Corpsmembers sorted and set aside functioning electronics to be sold or donated and safely recycled non functioning electronics. Corpsmembers also accepted tires from the community and helped clean up the Sunnydale neighborhood! Thank you to the Sunnydale residents and all who attended to build community together!  

Building Community Together.JPG

Prop 39: Pre-Apprentice Readiness Program Update

On August 15th, 2018, SFCC staff attended the Prop 39/Pipeline Community of Practice meeting in Richmond, Ca to discuss our MC3 Curriculum and address what works, how to make it work and identify what can be improved! In attendance were instructors, program directors and Prop 39 graduates who successfully completed the program and gained entry into a union. Our very own SFCC Director of Community and Career Development presented on our MC3 Financial Literacy, covering topics such as Budgeting 101, Spending Habits and establishing S.M.A.R.T. goals which stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. After reviewing the curriculum, we toured the RichmondBuild facility and learned about their 12 week Construction Management course offered to Prop 39 apprentices and community members interested in joining a building trade. SFCC is interested in add a 'blue print reading' portion to our existing MCS Curriculum and will be in communication with the Prop 39 community to see how we can add that component in the future!  Take a look at a few of the photos we were able to capture on site! Thank you to Richmond Build and the Prop 39 community for all the work you do to help young adults achieve their dreams, we are grateful to be a part of this incredible work! 

California Resource Recovery Association: Ending Waste

On Thursday, July 26th 2 of our hardest working Corpsmembers and field project SFCC Staff attended the 42nd Annual Conference & Tradeshow SEA CHANGE Conference, organized by the California Resource Recovery Association and held in Oakland, CA.  Each year, the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) organizes one of the most comprehensive and informative conferences dedicated to recycling and sustainable materials management in California and beyond. CRRA is well known for its training and educational offerings since the early 1970s.  The theme for this year was Sea Change – Weathering the Storm in the Recycling Industry. The San Francisco Conservation Corp was invited to provide recycling services for the special event; Corpsmembers provided recycling and compostible services, changed and monitored bins and assisted in removing recyclables and compostables. SFCC as always is thankful for the opportunity to recycle and serve! 



CRRA 3.jpg

SFCC Breaks Ground: Paul Revere Elementary School Living Schoolyard

On Wednesday, July 11th, Corpsmembers and SFCC Staff broke ground to kick off our Paul Revere Elementary School Living Schoolyard project in partnership with Jeni Webber + Associates (JW+A). Paul Revere's Living Schoolyard was designed in a community design process led by JW+A and is a thriving success with an Education Outside educator teaching on site to educate children on green infrastructure work in our burgeoning green economy. Corpsmembers are pictured below in the beginning phase of the installation of the designed rainwater catchment system and rain garden. SFCC is excited to assist in providing socio-ecological services for the San Francisco Bay Area and engage in this restorative green work!

Begin Project_Digging 2.JPG
 Jeni Webber | Landscape Architect  " We create gardens where people engage with nature and each other."

Jeni Webber | Landscape Architect
"We create gardens where people engage with nature and each other."

 SFCC Field Projects: Paul Revere

SFCC Field Projects: Paul Revere

GoogleServe 2018: SF Success Center

On Monday, June 26th, SFCC corpmembers, staff  and our community partner: Success Center: SF attended Google's annual Professional Development Day: GoogleServe 2018. Nerves, excitement, awe and innovation ran rampant throughout, as corpsmembers and Success Center Job Readiness Training Participants sat down with self described, 'Googlers,' to engage in a focused and intimate session of professional development. 

Attendees were paired up and off to review their resumes, work experience and skill set. Most attendees, equipped with note pads and pens, began jotting down notes at Google browsing speeds! Next were the interviews, where corpmembers and attendees got the opportunity to discuss their passions, their goals, obstacles along the way and their proudest moments thus far on their journeys to realizing their full potential.  

For many, this experience was a dream and definitely a first for many to see the worlds of Tech and Nonprofit collide. Corpsmembers were filled with gratitude and hope as they ate lunch and overlooked the Bay from the stunning cafeteria view. With full stomachs and minds flooded with dreams, insight and new ideas, we said our goodbyes, expressed our appreciations and headed to the lobby. Thank you to all who made this event so special! 


SFCC Blue and Gold Discovery Kingdom Year End Celebration

SFCC Corpsmembers and staff celebrated the year end by enjoying Pier 39's Blue and Gold Cruise around the Bay and Vallejo's Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom! We enjoyed setting sail aboard Blue & Gold Fleet's 60 minute Bay Cruise Adventure, sailing past Pier 39 sea lions and along San Francisco's historic waterfront, revealing the city's incredible architecture and skyline.  


After arriving at the next point of adventure, we shared a delicious meal together and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate another year of growth and civic engagement. After food settled, it was time to conquer fears and embrace the thrill of Six Flag's Superman, featuring speeds of up to 51 MPH and a 100 foot drop!

Thank you all who made this celebration so special!