Our Recycling Outreach Team offers recycling services for businesses and large public events throughout San Francisco. In just the past 12 months, Corpsmembers have:

Provided recycling services at more than 280 events and large scale festivals with tens of thousands of attendees.

Diverted 212 tons of recyclables from our landfills, including 1,127 tons of compostables

Corpsmembers on three recycling crews work with their supervisors to run most aspects of our recycling business, learning valuable work skills and conservation techniques while they are on the job. They:

  • Collect recycling on routes throughout the city
  • Sort recyclables
  • Drop off and sell recyclables
  • Educate San Francisco businesses, non-profits and special event producers and attendees about best recycling practices

We collect:

  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Glass beverage containers
  • Plastic bottles, cans, tubs and lids (#1, #2, #4, #5)
  • Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard

Public Space Conservation and Beautification

SFCC is a key partner with Rec. & Parks and the Department of Public Works in the restoration of dozens of San Francisco’s open spaces, including Buena Vista Park and Brewster Rutledge Community Garden. At Buena Vista Park trail improvements were completed by the San Francisco Conservation Corps made possible by California Prop. 84 Park Bond Funding. At the Brewster Rutledge Community Garden members cleared all planting beds of weeds and over-grown plants, removed or reinforced old deteriorating retaining walls, screened rocks, glass, and debris from soil in beds and constructed two tiers of new retaining walls.

Recycling Force

Just in the past year, SFCC has diverted over 212 tons of recyclables from landfills, helping San Francisco work towards the cities goal to be the greenest city in the nation. 

Fire Fuel Reduction Fund and Landscaping

Fire Fuel Reduction Fund and landscaping for city departments such as the San Francisco Water Department and Port of SF.