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I. SFCC Board of Directors-Background

The SFCC’s Board of Directors governs the organization and sets priorities that determine the SFCC’s services.  The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure limited resources are spent effectively, efficiently, and with the greatest impact.  The Board provides governance oversight to the SFCC, but endeavors to leave the day-to-day management of the organization to professional staff.  All Board members are volunteers.

II. Recruitment Information

The SFCC seeks individuals to serve on the Board of Directors who demonstrate an active and determined commitment to support our mission of offering young people opportunities to develop themselves, their academic abilities, and marketable job skills while addressing community needs through service work.

The Board of Directors continually accepts nominations from a variety of sources to ensure community representation and a full complement of skills necessary to fulfill the organization’s mission.  The Board is most interested in individuals who have the following skills and characteristics:

Commitment to SFCC’s mission

Strong communication and listening skills


Flexibility in thinking and actions

Analytical and critical thinking skills

Principled behavior

Strategic thinking and problem solving

Visionary thinking

Group process oriented thinking

Willingness to support fundraising goals and activities

Previous non-profit and/or for-profit board service

III. Criteria/Expectations

Persons wishing to volunteer for the SFCC Board should be able to commit to at least seven (7) to ten (10) hours per month to SFCC business as well as assist, as directed by staff, in raising funds.  The term is for three (3) years.  Specifically, individuals must be able and willing to:

Attend and actively participate in all regularly scheduled board meetings (currently every other month)

Serve on at least one Board committee and be engaged in that committee’s work

Attend SFCC functions and fundraising events

Support SFCC as one of your top philanthropic priorities

Make a personally meaningful gift to SFCC each year

Actively participate in the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of current and potential donors to the SFCC

Identify for, and bring to the attention of, the Committee on Directors, individuals who are suitable candidates for future Board service

Represent SFCC’s mission and the Board’s governance decisions to those unfamiliar with SFCC, including being conversant regarding SFCC’s mission, purposes, and programs

Share professional expertise where appropriate

Follow trends in SFCC’s field

Understand and follow standards of confidentiality regarding sensitive matters pertaining to the organization and staff.

For more information and to apply, please contact our team administrator through email at or call 415.928-7322 x1001

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