Our Programs

SFCC offers young adults the opportunity to earn a high school diploma while gaining marketable job skills.

The young men and women who enter the Corps often have little or no experience in the working world. They are eager for the training, support and education that they know can open doors for them and their families. Many Corpsmembers live in the poorest San Francisco communities and join the Corps to build a better San Francisco, and a new life.

SFCC Program

Each Corpsmember takes part in a structured 12-month program and will:

  • Work with a team of 5-10 peers under the guidance of a dedicated supervisor
  • Green the City’s public spaces and parks
  • Recycle and divert tons of materials from our landfills
  • Educate communities on how to recycle more efficiently
  • Earn above SF minimum wage for their work
  • Attend academic classes to attain a high school diploma
  • Collaborate with a career counselor to explore work opportunities and create a personal plan

Corpsmember Achievements

In the past 12 months, Corpsmembers have:

  • Diverted 281 tons of recyclables from our landfills
  • Provided professional recycling services at more than 130 large-scale public events attended by tens of thousands of people
  • Created gardens and playgrounds in 26 community parks and public spaces
  • Participated in over 11,000 hours of education, through which 25 Corpsmembers earned their high school diplomas and career development portfolios
National Park Service
National Park Service
U.S. Department of the Interior
The SFCC is a partner of the Golden Gate National Parks.
SFCC is a proud member of the California Association of Local Conservation Corps (CALCC).
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