Looking for job training?
Want to earn your high school diploma?
Want to learn basic carpentry, landscaping and recycling skills while getting paid?
Want to make San Francisco a better place to live?

Join the Corps!

When you join the Corps, you…

  • Work in teams of 5-10 under the supervision of a professional staff leader
  • Attend high school classes with skilled instructors to help you earn your diploma
  • Learn recycling, basic carpentry, landscaping, tool usage, leadership and other marketable job skills
  • Build play structures and enhance public spaces throughout the City
  • Recycle beverage containers and other materials
  • Educate communities and businesses on recycling best practices
  • Plan your career and education goals with a career counselor
  • Develop your resume, references and public speaking skills
  • Attend workshops led by experts in a variety of trades, employment fields, financial management, and more

Corpsmembers earn $10.75 per hour for the hours worked in the field (approximately 18 hours per week). Plus, Corpsmembers are required to attend 10 hours per week of unpaid school. Please see our Corpsmember Participant Description, which includes participant responsibilities and minimum qualifications.

Leadership positions within the Corps

Corpsmembers who have trained with the Corps for at least three months, and have demonstrated solid commitment to work, education and strong attendance are eligible to apply for leadership positions including special events specialist, tool room specialist, and crew leader . These positions also offer a pay increase. All Corpsmembers are part-time, temporary, non-exempt employees.

National Park Service
National Park Service
U.S. Department of the Interior
The SFCC is a partner of the Golden Gate National Parks.
SFCC is a proud member of the California Association of Local Conservation Corps (CALCC).
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