Success Stories

Corpsmember Profile: Jamal Johnson

“I didn’t have a job. I was running the streets. SFCC changed my life.”

Jamal dropped out of school when he was 17 years old. Before the Corps, Jamal was not looking for work and was spending most of his time hanging out on the streets near is home in Visitacion Valley.

With the Corps, Jamal worked with the Recycling Outreach Team. After working and being in classes for a few months, Jamal really started to enjoy learning and school for the first time in his life.

“It makes me like school. I’m trying to do something with myself. I’m 20 credits away from graduation. As soon as I get my diploma, that’s a bigger step. I’ll know I’ve really done something.” Jamal now works at San Francisco International Airport as a City and County Custodian.


Corpsmember Profile: Lena Im

“SFCC gives young adults the opportunity to make their lives better and to reach their goals. I am more responsible now than I was before and, for the first time, I’m thinking about where I want to go in life.”

Born and raised as one of seven siblings in San Francisco’s Mission district, Lena Im is 21 years old. Lena’s mom only speaks Cambodian; English is Lena’s second language. Before the corps, Lena had attended some High School but a feeling of discouragement kept her from going to all of her classes. Lena has stayed motivated in her classes at the Corps because “my teachers focus on each student, helping us to set goals and giving us individual attention.” Lena works in the Presidio with the Recycling Outreach Team and has worked her way up to a Crew Leader position.

“Becoming a Crew Leader was a goal since I began, but my supervisor really pushed me to be a leader. He told me that if I really wanted it I should go for it. I had to apply with a resume, cover letter, and two references. I also had to interview for the position. My career counselor helped me put together my resume and practice for the interview.” After Lena receives her High School diploma, she’d like to take classes to learn childcare and work in a daycare. She is also considering becoming a pharmacist.

 Lena Im

Corpsmember Profile: Wil Sims

Wil Sims was awarded his high school diploma! So many young people are never offered the opportunity to redefine their future by going back and finishing their high school diploma after they have aged out of our education system. SFCC provided Wil with the opportunity, but he was the one who decided to seize it. Congratulations Wil!

Corpsmember Profile: Ameer Mumin

Ameer Mumin got a job with UCSF! We’re so proud of Ameer and all he has accomplished. During his time with SFCC, Ameer obtained five industry certifications including his PV1 Solar Certification! Good luck with your new job, Ameer!
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